PC-Skills.Brussels is intended for all job seekers registered with Actiris.

PC-Skills.Brussels enables you to further your knowledge (from the basics to advanced features) concerning one or more Microsoft Office applications: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook or Access. You can study wherever you like, whenever you like and from any computer connected to the internet.

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How does knowledge of office software help me in my job search?

The ability to use office software is crucial when applying for a job
(for example it is essential to know how to present a CV). In Brussels, nearly 75% of job offers ask for office IT skills.

Many employers consider these skills to be fundamental and therefore already acquired. Mastering the OfficeSuite applications considerably increases your chances of getting a job.

PC‑SPC-Skills.Brussels gives you the opportunity to improve your office IT skills and accordingly to enhance your job applications.

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Can I have access to this course?

All job seekers in Brussels, registered with Actiris, can use the PC-Skills.brussels platform.
To gain access, you simply need to sign up on the PC-Skills.brussels website.

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How can I benefit from phone coaching or virtual classes?

Phone coaching and virtual classes are additional options that are available after signing a training contract with Bruxelles Formation at the EPN Formation (public digital training space). When coming to sign this agreement, please bring your ID card and the current month's A15 form
(which you can obtain from Actiris or from your « My Actiris » account).
You can find the registration procedures on the FAQ page.

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How can I sign up?

Visit the Sign up page to find out how to sign up and start improving your office IT skills right now!

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How can I access the lessons?

To access the lessons, you will need a computer with an internet connection and a web browser
(Internet Explorer®, Chrome®, Firefox® or Safari®), an e-mail address and your Actiris file number.

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What should I do if I need help?

If you need help, browse through the Help section to view the FAQ (frequently asked questions)
and find the help desk’s contact details.

Discover other office software courses offered by Actiris

Discover other office software courses offered by Actiris

Does your professional project requires IT skills (software) that you do not yet have? The ICT cheques (training cheque) enable you to quickly and efficiently upgrade your skills, with a customised course. It will then be possible for you to better fit the profile that your future employer is seeking. These courses are fully financed by Actiris .
More information is available on the Actiris website .