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Data Protection Policy of the ENI group

This section is dedicated to our Confidentiality and Privacy Policy.
We would like to inform you about the input and use of your data.
The following data protection policy indicates how your data will be input, processed and used. This policy is therefore important for you, for a positive user experience and for us, who wish to answer your questions about visiting our websites with precision.
A personal data representative has been designated and will endeavour to comply with the legislation on confidentiality and the protection of the data that are necessary for the ENI group's activities.

Competent body and the rights of the person concerned
The competent body for the input, processing and use of your personal data is: The Editions ENI.
You may contact the ENI group using the following details:
- By mail: Editions ENI BP 80009 44801 ST HERBLAIN CEDEX FRANCE
- By email:

Personal data are concrete or personal indications pertaining to an identified or identifiable natural person. This data can be, for example, your name, phone number, address, as well as any basic information you provided when registering, creating your account or when signing into a digital product for the first time.
You can, at any time and at no cost, view the saved data and request to amend, block or anonymise them. For this purpose, please contact us using the details provided above.
If you would like to object to the input, processing or use of all or part of your data by the ENI group, in accordance with this privacy policy, you may send us your objection by email or mail using the details above. Do not forget to specify all the information we will need to contact you in order to reply to your request with precision.

Client account
For all clients creating an account, we create a client account, namely a direct access to the basic data that is recorded, which is protected by a password.

1- Creating a client account
The following data can be asked of you in order to create a client account (according to your status, to your country of residence or to the site you are logging into):
- Your email address
- Your password
- Your first name
- Your surname
- Your title
- Your status (private individual or a business)
- Your address
- Your phone number
- Your company
- Your intra-community VAT identification number
- Your TIN code
- Your consent regarding the privacy policy
- Your consent to receive marketing communications

These personal data are necessary for your authentication and access to the online services offered by the ENI group. They are also required to create the online registration form. They are equally used for order processing and business relationship management, to finance courses, to respond to our legal and/or regulatory obligations, for the communications concerning the ENI group (newsletters, promotional offers, information about the exhibitions, the white papers, etc.). Lastly, these personal data are indispensable to create a tailored response to your expectations.

2- Input, processing and use of your personal data
We input, save and process your data during the purchasing or registration processes, when requesting information, downloading documents, for access to our services, for our service's technical administration, for the management of the business relationship, for marketing purposes that are specific to our company (see paragraph 3), and to fight against violations and frauds.
Your personal data will only be imparted to third parties if permitted by law, including for the purpose of the contract's enactment, invoicing and marketing. In the context of an order, the service providers with whom we work (such as the transporter, the logistician, the banks) receive the data that is necessary to the enactment of the order and the contract. Our service providers can only use the imparted data to execute their mission.

3- Use of your data for advertising purposes
Newsletters: you receive our marketing communications if you have given your consent to receive them. Each newsletter contains a link to unsubscribe from the newsletter that you can use once you no longer want to receive our communications.

Banner advertising (retargeting): we can use data collected during your visit (for example, viewed products) in order to display banner advertising on third party websites. These data do not contain information regarding your person (for example, your electronic details or your title).

Printed communications: you receive our printed marketing as long as you have not unsubscribed.

4- Cookies
A web browser is an application that makes it possible to surf the web in order to search for information, download files, transfer them, etc. The most common web browsers are Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari. They all offer updates and it is advisable to regularly perform them in order to take full advantage of the latest developments, especially those concerning safety.
The update frequencies and methods depend on the web browser used. To perform this installation, access the browser's help and follow the instructions concerning the updates.
When you view one of the ENI group's websites, the browser leaves cookies on your device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.). A cookie is a short chain of characters, saved in a file. It contains information enabling it to recognise your device without identifying you personally as an individual, to save information that facilitates navigation, to analyse your areas of interest, to analyse your navigation for statistical purposes, and sometimes even to share content via social media.
These cookies are saved on your hard drive and delete themselves after a defined period.
A cookie can only be retrieved by the site that created it and presents no danger.
Without these cookies, the sites cannot function properly. You must set your browser up so that it accepts cookies.
To set the cookie management settings, follow the instructions in the sections about these settings in your browser.
For more information on managing cookies, you can view the ICO (Information Commission's Office) website.

5- Analyse web
In order to improve your experience on our websites and to provide you with offers that are appropriate to your needs, we use tracking technologies. Indeed, two tools enable these analyses: Google Analytics and AT Internet.

Google Analytics

The ENI group uses Google Analytics (Universal), a web-audience analysis service provided by Google Inc. (
Google (Universal) Analytics uses cookies enabling the collection of information used to generate statistical usage reports for our different websites, without personally identifying the users.
This collected information is used, for example, to reinforce the website's performance by reducing the page loading time or by making the user's experience more pleasant.
If you do not want Google Analytics to collect or use your information, you can unsubscribe on this page:

AT Internet

To help us with our statistical analyses, we also use the technologies that AT Internet offers. AT Internet is represented by Mathieu LLORENS, managing director, whose head office is located at 85 avenue J. F. Kennedy 33700 Mérignac, France.
This service provider has conceived a solution that aims to produce data, audience statistics analyses, digital intelligence and their restoration via a secure web interface or via a data export (in all their forms: Excel, CSV, Word or API).
We can also use this digital analysis solution for our domain of activity to determine digital strategic goals. Cookies are deposited and markers are implemented in order to use this site.
The raw data are temporarily stored in secured file servers. They contain a variety of connection information (number and duration of visits, number of clicks, visited pages, etc.).

Our other marketing, technical, logistical or payment partners and service providers:

- Criteo
- Iadvize
- AB TAsty
- Adwords
- SmartFocus
- Payline
- Hits Data center
- Novalink
- Tryade
- Chronopost
- Orange
- Digicert